Why hire us over a private individual?

You have enough to worry about without becoming an employer too...

When you hire a private individual, you are required to cover all Worker's Compensation Claims. That means that if the individual is injured while working for you, you will be responsible for their medical expenses, lost wages for the amount of time they are unable to work, as well as locating and paying another individual to provide services in their absence.

At Health Services of Northern New York, Inc.:

  • We will usually have a back-up plan if your caregiver can't work a shift
  • We pay for insurance coverage, Worker's Compensation, Liability, Dishonesty Bonding, etc.
  • We handle all payroll deductions
  • We hire the majority of our staff internally. We occasionally sub-contract with other agencies to provide various services that are needed on an occasional basis
  • We complete a thorough screening process including: fingerprinting, criminal background checks, license checks, and personal and professional reference checks
  • All field staff are bonded and insured
  • We coordinate education and training for our staff: we train all of our own Personal Care Aide staff with a state certified Personal Care Aide Level 2 Curriculum. We also offer a promotional class to Home Health Aides once the probationary period is complete
  • We have 24-hour scheduling and nursing services seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • Health Services of Northern New York, Inc. is certified to operate in St. Lawrence County in the State of New York
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