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Over $1.4 million in charity care provided to Office for the Aging


Since 1994, Health Services of Northern New York, Inc. (HSNNY) has provided over $1.4 million in charity care support to the St. Lawrence County Office for the Aging to assist them with their in-home services for the elderly. "It is very important to our agency to be able to assist with this program in order to get appropriate care to St. Lawrence County residents," stated Matthew O’Bryan, Administrator. "It is vital to our community to have access to these services and we are proud that we are able to assist the Office for the Aging with increasing accessibility."

Health Services of Northern New York, Inc. is planning on continuing its support of the Office for the Aging program during fiscal year 2012 in the amount of approximately $50,000 throughout the year. "Although this is a decrease in previous annual contributions to the program, we continue to keep Office for the Aging our number one priority with our charity care efforts," says O’Bryan. "The decrease is a reflection of the shrinking Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements and certainly not a reflection of our thoughts on the value of the program or the agency. We will continue to be strong supporters of both and we greatly appreciate their cooperative efforts."

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